Student Athletes as Leaders

Posted Oct 23, 2015 by: Anne GuyotteStudent Athletes as Leaders

Bill Wilcox developed his tenacity early on as a ski racer and was recently inducted into the Waltham High School Hall of fame. After placing as a top finisher while participating as a member of the 1985 Boys Alpine State Championship Ski Team, Bill attended the Green Mountain Valley School in Fayeston, VT continuing to develop his skills as a racer and a member of the cycling team. With focus and determination Bill qualified for the NCAA Division I National Alpine Championship race. Moving on to Castleton University to study geology and contribute to both the ski and soccer teams Bill received the men’s Coaches Award and MVP honors in 1990. Inducted into Castleton Universities Hall of Fame the thrill of victory is ingrained in Bill’s DNA.

Bill’s academic success graduating Magna Cum Laude and a member of the Phi Eta Sigma Honor Society lends evidence that young athletes make better students. Studies show student athletes acquire leadership skills, confidence, character, and have an increased connection to their communities. As founder and President of Wilcox & Barton, Inc., it is obvious where the seeds of Bill’s decision making and drive to succeed were cultivated. All of which lend to the character of Wilcox & Barton, Inc.