Lakeshore BMP's in Vermont

Posted Jan 27, 2016Lakeshore BMP's in Vermont

Peter Lazorchak and Shane Mullen, Wilcox & Barton, Inc, attended a one day course titled Natural Shorelands Erosion Control Certification. Hosted by the Lake Champlain Basin Program in Grand Isle, Vermont, the event was a chance for engineers and contractors to learn about bioengineering Best Management Practices (BMPs) for lakeshore development in Vermont. Representatives from the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources Department of Environmental Conservation presented material: Kellie Merrell discussed lake science and the importance of the shoreline littoral zone to aquatic habitat, Dan Homeier discussed the new Shoreland Protection Act and permit process, and Ernie Christianson discussed how wastewater permitting fits into shoreland development.

A hands-on exercise was presented to the attendees; these real-world examples were given to groups to have them design sites that were in conformance with shoreland protection and wastewater rules. “Soft” engineering techniques such as encapsulated soil lift stabilization of shorelines, live staking of eroded slopes, and the use of erosion control blankets in lieu of rip rap stone for slope stabilization were all chosen.

The course certifies Peter and Shane as a professional trained in lake-friendly shoreland management. The field of bioengineering is an emerging industry, and Wilcox & Barton, Inc. offers our clients these services in order to protect sites from damage while ensuring the ecological health of the natural environment that lakeshore homes are built to appreciate.