How do the new EPA UST requirements affect you?

Posted Jan 01, 2017 by: Chris WoodHow do the new EPA UST requirements affect you?


MA regulation updates and deadlines. MA DEP Underground Storage Tank Program

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In June 2015 the EPA issued revisions to the 1988 Federal UST rules and regulations. What does this mean for tank owners and operators?

  • ·Operator training is now required in all states.
  • ·Owner/Operators must complete monthly walk through inspections maintaining on site records.
  • ·Requires testing of spill prevention and release detection equipment.
  • ·Vent line flow restrictors, ball floats, are no longer approved methods for overfill prevention.
  • ·Interstitial monitoring results are reportable during unusual operating conditions.
  • ·Emergency generators are now included in the release detection monitoring requirements.

Portions of the ruling go in effect immediately while others have grace periods. If you need assistance in deciphering the new requirements, feel free to call us to discuss you facility and what these rules mean for you.