Hazardous Materials

Wilcox & Barton, Inc. offers full service assessment and management of hazardous materials in settings ranging from schools to factories to power plants. Our licensed and certified inspectors, engineers, and scientists are dedicated to technical excellence, regulatory understanding, and client communications.

Licensed Asbestos Project Designers are trained and experienced in the design and preparation of asbestos abatement project specifications and design plans. Our abatement specifications are prepared with a level of detail that includes, among other items, the abatement scope of work, insurance requirements, contractor submittals, and final clearance criteria. We also prepare building floor plans depicting the locations of ACBM to be removed- ensuring crystal clear understanding of the scope. Good documents lead to accurate bids and minimize contractor changes. 

Our professionals are certified and licensed to perform air sampling as part of asbestos abatement operations, including compliance monitoring during abatement to monitor fiber levels outside the work area, and clearance air sampling following abatement to document airborne fiber levels within the containment area. In addition, the Wilcox & Barton, Inc. staff is experienced in lead, particulate matter, and dust sampling. 

ACBM inspections - Asbestos Containing Building Material

LBP screening - Lead-Based Paint

PCB Polychlorinated biphenyl and mercury-containing material inventories

O&M Asbestos Operations, Maintenance and Management Plans

PCB Abatement Plans

Waste Inventories

Disposal Management and Tracking

Compliance Monitoring and Reporting for state and EPA programs

Third-party Inspections