Environmental Due Diligence Services

Wilcox & Barton, Inc. performs environmental due diligence assessments in support of real estate transactions and property redevelopment projects throughout New England, representing buyers, sellers, investors, trusts, management companies, municipalities, regional planning agencies, banks, financial institutions, attorneys, and insurance companies.  We take an aggressive approach to prevent our clients from inheriting costly liabilities associated with past release of hazardous materials.

Our staff are trained to assume there’s a problem and find it.  This technique provides the comprehensive approach you need to evaluate risks and make informed business decisions.  As your environmental partner, we support you throughout your transaction and work with you to develop and implement innovative solutions.  From cost estimates to regulatory inquiry and coordination, our team is with you every step of the way.

Wilcox & Barton, Inc. performs the following as part of our Environmental Due Diligence services:

  • ASTM Standard Investigations
    • Transaction Screen (ASTM E 1528)
    • Phase I Environmental Assessment (ASTM E 1527‐21)
    • Phase II Environmental Assessment (ASTM E 1903)
  • Lead‐based paint, asbestos, universal waste inspection and management
  • Full‐service investigation and management of Recognized Environmental Conditions
  • Historical research
    • Regulatory enforcement and registration databases
    • Deed covenants and land use restrictions
    • Historical land use records
    • Local information sources & interviews
  • Cost estimating, including evaluation of potential long‐term liabilities
  • Environmental remediation, site management, risk assessment, and closure