Brownfield Redevelopment

A Brownfield, by definition, is an underutilized or abandoned property whose reuse and development can be challenging due to the possibility of hazardous material or contaminants.  Great satisfaction comes from researching, formulating, and executing solutions for projects involving complex regulatory and technical issues to revitalize economic growth and preserve green space.

A wide array of financial options may be available depending on the nature and extent of the Brownfield clean up.  Our knowledge of strategies utilizing State and EPA Brownfield grants, tax credits, and financing programs along with liability management help our clients minimize their costs associated with the selected redevelopment strategy.  

Regulations, programs, permitting, procedures and financial options vary from state to state within New England, and our experienced and qualified staff is up to date on current local, state, and federal requirements.  We assist with writing grant applications involved for successful acceptance into appropriate programs and coordinate with regulators at all levels.  Our professionalism demonstrated during public outreach and stake holder meetings increases confidence and community engagement.  

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